Thursday 28 July 2016

The Screwy Door

“You have to catch me first,” challenges Screwy Squirrel to Lonesome Lenny. So the chase is on.

Here’s Tex Avery’s first chase sight-gag. If you ask how this can happen, you cannot be a Tex Avery fan.

Walt Clinton has joined the Avery unit from Disney by this point. Others getting animation credits on this 1945 release are Ray Abrams, Preston Blair and Ed Love. Only Clinton remained until the unit disbanded in March 1953.


  1. I really wish that Avery would've made more Screwy cartoons, even if he didn't do as well as Bugs Bunny in the theaters.

    1. If Mark Kausler is around, he can tell what Tex told him about Screwy.
      I like the Screwy cartoons but the gags were funnier than he was.

  2. I read the column title as "The Screw You Door", which would be just as accurate.

  3. And Wally Maher voices Screwy!