Friday 8 July 2016

Dizzy Blonde

Woody Woodpecker is a crazy, reckless driver in The Screwdriver (1941). Some of the gags that prove it are weak, but this is one of the better ones. Woody and a woman driver both signal to turn left at at the corner of Ranch Rd. and Hill Dr. Woody uses the opportunity to spin her around in her convertible.

“That’s the dizziest blonde I ever went around with,” Woody tells us. There are lots of fun mouth shapes here.

The story is typical Bugs Hardaway. Woody disguises himself to fool to already too-dopey cop who he drives insane at the end. Still, for 1941, it was probably considered pretty gag-packed. Jack Cosgriff got a co-writer credit and Alex Lovy and Ralph Somerville were the credited animators. Darrell Calker does a fine job with the score.

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