Monday 25 July 2016

Not the Jones Eyes!!

Anyone want to take a guess at who was responsible for these drawings?

Far more interesting are these representations of diseases:

Whooping Cough


Rheumatic Fever


This is from the industrial short So Much For So Little, released in 1949. As you can tell from the baby with the Cindy-Lou Who eyes, nose and eyelashes, it was made by the Chuck Jones unit at Warners. Storyman Mike Maltese doesn’t get a credit but Jones’ animators do—Ken Harris, Ben Washam, Lloyd Vaughan and Phil Monroe. I don’t know which one is responsible for the smear below; it’s either Vaughan or Washam.

Bob Gribbroek, Paul Julian and Pete Alvarado are also credited. Your narrator is Frank Graham.


  1. The older Chuck got, the longer those eyelashes in his drawings got.

  2. The baby looks like a cross between Cindy-Lou Who and the Big Boy mascot ... a Ben Washam job.

  3. The baby's eyes remind me somewhat of Little Audrey's eyes. A number of Famous Studios characters have eyes that slant inward toward the nose. Oddly enough, you can also see similar eyes on Legolas in Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings.

  4. Paul Julian did the starkly lit paintings of the diseases.

    1. Yes ... looks like he was already thinking about a move to UPA.

    2. I guessed as much, too... Julian was master of the airbrush at WB.