Thursday 21 July 2016

That's What You Think, Brother

Dumb-Hounded was one of Tex Avery’s “wild take” cartoons, where he came up with variations on huge reactions of horror by the wolf (voiced by Frank Graham).

Here’s the first. Wolfie thinks he’s escaped from Droopy (played by Bill Thompson) but realises he hasn’t after he walks into the dog, who says “That’s what you think, brother.” These are consecutive frames. Notice the outlines of Droopy and the wolf at the end. That was used for a mid-air body vibration effect.

The wolf leaps into mid-air, churns his body and takes off to the door to escape. He’s foiled.

And things get crazier after that.

Irv Spence, Ed Love, Ray Abrams and Preston Blair animated the cartoon.


  1. 7/21/16 Wrote:
    Favorite part: when the crook goes to the theater and saw an MGM logo followed by Droopy Saying "Hello Joe."
    Pop-eyed craziness follows.
    "Hello Joe", indeed.