Friday 15 July 2016

Joint Wipers

Horse-drawn wagons and water towers on top of apartment buildings. That’s part of the urban landscape in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Joint Wipers, released by Van Beuren in 1932.

Our heroes are plumbers who can’t stop an expanding series of leaks in the building. They finally go up to the roof and try to repair the tower, the pace quickening. They fail. The tower bursts. I like how Tom and Jerry are turned into a bunch of lines, and have Xs for eyes like you used to see in comic strips way back when.

John Foster and George Stallings get the “by” credit. The score is once again supplied by Gene Rodemich. If anyone can name any of the tunes here, or let me know if the plumbers song (“We’re glad that we are plumbers”) is a novelty tune of the era, please comment.

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