Thursday 14 July 2016

The Glacier Cracks! No Escape!

Daffy Duck concocts a growing tale of disaster (thanks to the writing of Warren Foster) that he relates to the standard Bob McKimson dog in Daffy Duck Hunt (1947).

About all you need to know is Porky keeps putting the presumably dead duck in the home freezer to keep him fresh until dinner. That’s why Daffy is wearing gloves and a scarf (it’s cold in there). The duck jumps out and spins a story about mushing through an arctic blizzard and being stopped by a falling glacier.

Here are some of Daffy’s expressions as he plays toward the camera. Note how the in-betweener calms down the duck into his normal proportions at the end.

Manny Gould, Phil De Lara, Chuck McKimson and Jack Carey get the animation credits.

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