Tuesday 12 July 2016

A Bad Luck Demonstration

A black cat is bad luck when it crosses your path. That’s the premise behind Tex Avery’s Bad Luck Blackie, which combines the idea with the “if you ever need me, just whistle” routine.

In this cartoon, a black cat takes pity on an abused white kitten and provides him with a demonstration of how the combination works. The whistle is blown, the cat trots, skips, swims, dances, etc. in front of the bullying bulldog. Something falls from somewhere up high and clobbers the dog.

Here are the consecutive frames. The dog is on a four-drawing cycle. Note how little time Tex uses to have the flower pot drop into the scene.

Rich Hogan is the story man in this masterpiece cartoon, with animation by Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons, Preston Blair and Louie Schmitt.

1 comment:

  1. The dog's laughs are by Avery himself. In case you couldn't tell.