Thursday 31 December 2015

Well, They Did

“Kill the umpire!” yells the fan (voiced by Kent Rogers) toward the field in Tex Avery’s “Batty Baseball.” His face changes colour in anger.

There’s the sound of a gunshot. The fan realises they actually have killed the umpire. He stops. Here’s his take. The fifth and seventh drawings are held for two frames. The fan is held in position from the eight frame until his derby lands on his head.

The fan’s colour changes against as he watches the dead umpire being carried off the field to the sound of “Taps.”

Is this a Preston Blair scene? He, Ed Love and Ray Abrams get the screen credit for animation.

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  1. I believe this is a Preston Blair scene. I don't really know if there are documents for this cartoon, but Blair uses this scene (albeit as a human instead of a dog) as an animated example in his famous "Animation" book.