Thursday 24 December 2015

Must Be Santa?

Wally Walrus can apparently hear Darrell Calker’s orchestra playing “Jingle Bells” on the soundtrack of his own cartoon. He peers out the door of his Swiss Chard Lodge and is shocked by what he sees.

Cut to Woody Woodpecker disguised as Santa, whipping a disguised moose, in “Ski For Two” (1944).

Don Williams and Grim Natwick are the only credited animators. Lantz seems to have used six, plus effects guy Sid Pillett, in each of his cartoons around this time.


  1. Know who provided the backgrounds, Yowp? That last picture with Woody has an odd, almost abstract like, prospective.

    1. Phil De Guard, who later worked in the Jones unit at Warners.

  2. Verne Harding did the scene with Wally while Don Williams does the cycle of Santa Woody whipping the moose.