Tuesday 29 December 2015

Clampett Cat Sees Dog

Cat and dog see each other and react in the Bob Clampett short The Hep Cat

The cartoon’s loaded with over-the-top drawings, a helping of sex, and some radio catchphrases (the cat turns into Jerry Colonna at one point)—all the stuff you expect from Clampett’s unit.

Variety reviewed the cartoon on Sept. 30, 1942:
'The Hep Cat' (Looney Tune color cartoon comedy, WB, 7 mins.) — Screwball cat which is always barely eluding the hungry jaws of a dumb mongrel is basis for this excrutiatingly funny cartoon. Cartoon makers lately have discovered farcical chase sequences can be made highly laughable. Besides original touches, excellent voices make this actionful subject a top entry on almost any bill.
On November 4th, another Variety review simply said “Funny but not outstanding.”

Unfortunately, the cartoon has been “Blue Ribboned” so credits aren’t on the version of the cartoon restored and in circulation.

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