Thursday 17 December 2015

I Want An Animation Checker For Christmas

The living flames in the fireplace in Disney’s The Night Before Christmas (1933) are cute but after they burn Santa’s butt (what’s with Disney and butt jokes?) and St. Nick turns around, they make an unexpected shift for two frames that the animation checker didn’t catch. Could the cameraman have been sampling a bit too much eggnog when shooting this scene?

Oh, no. Another butt joke. Did anyone laugh at these 80 years ago?

The guy who played Santa the year before reprises his role in this cartoon.


  1. Tsk. No appreciation of cheeky humor.

  2. "What's with Disney and butt jokes?" Richard Schickel asked much the same question in "The Disney Version."

  3. Aside from that gaffe, I liked the way this short was a follow up to "Santa's Workshop" and done in such a seamless way that I thought the first short was much longer given the way both cartoons were edited together for "A Disney Channel Christmas" back in the 80's.