Thursday 10 December 2015

Around the Pants We Go

Nothing goes together more than Van Beuren and skeletons. The boneless beings surfaced in a bunch of the studio’s cartoons (not coincidentally after Disney released “Skeleton Dance” in 1929), such as “The Haunted Ship” (1930). It’s a fun cartoon with lots of sea creatures swimming around and past the camera, and a drunken turtle quartet.

Ah, but there are skeletons, too. The perpetually-shaking Waffles the cat pulls a chord that, for no particular reason, drops down from above. Skeletons clamber down the steps and do a little dance.

The petrified Waffles shoves Don dog at the skeletons and they bust apart. Don gets his revenge by tossing a skull at the fleeing Waffles.

Waffles looks up (we get a couple of hat-takes), sees the skull floating above him and then does one of those Van Beuren things where he leaves his clothes, circles around them and then goes back inside them.

John Foster and Mannie Davis get screen credit.

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  1. Notice how Waffles and the skull change. Whoever animated the first part (through Don throwing the skull) was much more on-model than the latter animator.