Monday 7 December 2015

Ballerina Bunny

Bugs uses ballerina moves to deal with a penguin-hungry bum in a railway box car in “8 Ball Bunny.”

The animation in the short is by Ken Harris, Lloyd Vaughan, Ben Washam, Emery Hawkins and Phil Monroe.


  1. "'Big soulful eyes' routine. Gets 'em every time." -Charlie Dog, "Often an Orphan"

  2. "Pen-guh-wins is practically chickens"

  3. By the 1970s, Jones was drawing his regular poses of Bugs to be cuter than soulful-eyed Bugs at the end of his boxcar recital here. T'was not a change for the better.

    On the other hand, this is an interesting change-of-pace cartoon, and probably the most narrative of any of the Bugs efforts. The ballerina bit with the hungry hobo is really the only time we get Bugs in his more familiar routine, in cleverly putting away a larger or more menacing opponent. The rest of the cartoon's pretty much a 10,000 mile lesson that no good deed goes unpunished.