Friday 25 December 2015

Merry TeXmas

The closest Tex Avery got to a Christmas cartoon was One Ham's Family (released in August 1943), where the mean widdle pig outsmarts the wolf (both played by Kent Rogers) dressed as Santa.

There’s lots of expressive movement in this one. Note the (phoney) glee of the pig as Santa tells him his gift is in the bag. The pig jumps up and down, pulls himself back and strolls into the bag.

In a high tie-toe, the wolf makes his escape. Naturally, the pig’s not in the bag.

Avery and writer Rich Hogan use no dialogue in the rest of the scene. It’s not needed. The drawings tell the story.

Preston Blair, Ray Abrams and Ed Love are the credited animators.

And, now, from the best cartoon director of all time comes this seasonal message.

Card courtesy of Devon Baxter

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