Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Your Obediant Saw-vant

Isn’t that nice? Bugs Bunny is reading “Poe Kiddie Komics,” a book perfect for the young tykes.

But a construction worker is determined to remove Bugs from his home to make way for a freeway in No Parking Hare (1954). A buzz saw ought to do the trick.

Afraid not. The saw is very obedient to signs, such as the one casually posted by Bugs Bunny. The saw changes direction and chops into a high voltage cable. The construction worker turns various shades in neon before dropping to the ground.

Phil De Lara, Chuck McKimson, Rod Scribner and Herman Cohen animated this for the Bob McKimson unit. Sid Marcus supplied the story.


  1. A very funny entry in the Bugs Bunny series - hated how this one was butchered for Saturday morning network broadcast!!

  2. Marcus really did give the McKimson unit a lift in the final year or so of production prior to the 3-D shutdown, as Tedd Pierce's stories definitely hit a slow patch in the releases just prior to that. Pierce fared better working in tandem with Marcus, and he would also get a second wind working for Jones immediately after the re-opening before the creativeness decline set in again with McKimson by the final couple of years of the 50s).

    1. Pierce seems to have been an odd fit for UPA. I guess he went there for the money.
      Yeah, the post-shutdown McKimson's got bogged down in TV parodies and then went downhill from there.

  3. With John T. Smith as the antagonist, who’d appeared already with the same voice in Jones Homeless Hare 🐰 from 1950