Thursday, 14 January 2021

Bugs Bunny Stretch In-Betweens

An attractively drawn Bugs Bunny kicked Wile E. Coyote, Genius, into an empty rabbit hole and clamps a pressure cooker lid on top of him in Operation: Rabbit (screened by some theatres in late 1951).

Here are some stretch in-betweens on ones. Naturally, you can’t see the extra eyes when the frames go so quickly. They’re fun to stop the film and look at.

Off strolls Bugs to Mike Maltese’s classic song “I’m Lookin’ Over a Three-Leaf Clover That I Overloaded Be-three.” I’ve been fond of that one since I was a kid.

Lloyd Vaughan, Ben Washam, Phil Monroe and Ken Harris are the credited animators on this, with appropriate settings painted by Phil De Guard for Mr. C.M. Jones.


  1. I liked that song since childhood,also. We also as kids liked : " and Mud spelled backwards...IS dum ( Dumb) ". This was, and still is another laugh out loud feature. Really holds the test of time.

  2. Expertly animated by Ken Harris.

  3. Out of the 5 Bugs/Wile E. encounters, this one and "Compressed Hare" are my favorites!!

  4. I don't remember which cartoon it's from, but my favorite moment in those Bugs vs. Coyote epics is when Bugs approaches Wile E.'s cave with a cup of carrots the Coyote had asked to borrow. Bugs comes upon Wile E.'s mailbox, which reads, "Wile E. Coyote -- Genius." The rabbit's whiskers twitch briefly, then he turns his head to look back at us over his shoulder, and very slowly raises one eyebrow. Cracks me up every time. One of those masterfully understated Chuck Jones moves.

    I like all those Bugs vs. Coyote cartoons except the last one, the one that threw Bugs in as a substitute for the Roadrunner. That one just doesn't work for me. The fun of those Roadrunner cartoons is seeing how the Coyote's ingenious schemes and traps backfire on him. Bugs is just in the way and really disrupts the proceedings.

  5. My favorite Bugs song is "Carrots wait for no one/So I pick them now/Before they are eaten/By some slobby cow..."