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Leon's Staff, 1940

This post is going to be as exciting as reading the phone book. Because that’s pretty much what it is.

In October 1940, men in the U.S. were supposed to register for the draft. The male staff at Leon Schlesinger Productions did their duty and filled out little cards. The purpose of this post was actually to uncover whose draft numbers were used in Tex Avery’s Of Fox and Hounds (released December 1940). Unfortunate the numbers on the draft card don’t refer to the draft numbers. That’s the military, I guess.

This is not a complete list. Only 80 of the approximately 100 names below came up in a search of “Leon Schlesinger.” The spelling of Poor Leon’s name got butchered in the others that I found through individual searches. A few wrote “Ray Katz” because, at the time, the Looney Tunes were made by a separate company called “Ray Katz Productions;” it was probably set up for tax reasons. There are others I likely have not found.

Some people who started the year at Schlesinger’s weren’t there by October. Paul J. Smith is listed as “unemployed” (as is Rollin C. “Ham” Hamilton). Jack Hoyer Miller had moved on to George Pal, Bugs Hardaway was employed by Walter Lantz. Bob Holdeman and Irving Heineman (not Art Heinemann) became self-employed. Ray White went to work for Compton Metals. Hal Julian (not Paul) got a job with Compton Printing Co. And I can’t find either Lee Halpern or Peter Gaenger, though Halpern shows up in the 1940 voters list. Bill Oberlin was hired by the Tretrolite Company. Art Loomer, who had been a background artist as early as 1930 and is listed as one in the May 1940 Census, is self-employed on his draft card dated 1942. He later worked as an illustrator for Lockheed Aircraft. And you won’t see Hawley Pratt’s name. He was still at Disney.

The database is screwed up so there’s no entry for Edwin Botsford, other than a birth date. He was a new employee of Schlesinger’s, having been a commercial artist. He died in 1949.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t tell you what a number of people were doing at Schlesinger at the time. Some people who eventually became animators were on the lower rungs as assistants and in-betweeners. Veotis Richmond and John Marks were cel washers; they were apparently the only two black men on staff.

Phone exchanges still had names in the ‘40s so you’ll see reference to GR for “Granite,” etc. Several people put the studio’s phone number as theirs.

FREDRICK BEAN AVERY, born 26 Feb 1908, Taylor, Texas.
4445 Carpenter Ave., North Hollywood. Sunset 2-8325.
ROBERT ATKINS, born 23 Jun 1915, Minneapolis, Minn.
1739 Garth Ave., Los Angeles. Ashley 4-2594.

HARRY DOWELL BARTON, born 16 Jun 1909, Cairo, Illinois.
1553 N. Hudson Ave., Los Angeles. GR, 4161.
WILLIAM WARREN BATCHELDER, born 18 Apr 1917, Los Angeles.
446 16th, Santa Monica. Santa Monica 5-8695
RICHARD FREDERICK BICKENBACH, born 9 Aug 1907, Michigan City, Indiana.
1161 Rosedale Ave., Glendale. CI3 1987.
HENRY BINDER, born 23 Nov 1906, Bayonne, N.J.
1857 N. Wilton Pl., Los Angeles. Hillside 2418.
MELVIN JEROME BLANC, born 30 May 1908, San Francisco.
117 Ellen St., Playa del Rey. Santa Monica 62365.
RAYMOND BERT BLOSS, born 19 Dec 1915, Batavia, New York.
6112 Winans Dr., Los Angeles.
EDWIN NEWTON BOTSFORD, born 5 Jan 1903, Kalkaski, Michigan.
Los Angeles.
DAVID WILLIAM BROWN, born 27 Mar 1918, Havre, Montana.
10718 Riverside Dr., North Hollywood.
TREGOWETH EDMOND BROWN, born 4 Nov 1899, Eveleth, Minnesota.
5805 LaMirada, Los Angeles. GR 6445.
JOHN WILLIAM BURTON, born 18 Aug 1906 Belvidere, Illinois.
11430 Decente Dr., North Hollywood. Sunset 26071

ROBERT FRANKLIN CANNON, born 16 July 1909, Alliance, Ohio.
5915 Chula Vista, Los Angeles. Hillside 2273.
JOHN NELSON CAREY, born June 4, 1915, St. Louis, Mo.
2912 Palm Drive, Hermosa Beach. Redondo 8627.
KENNETH FRED CHAMPIN, born 15 Aug 1911, Clifton, New Jersey.
2465 Bywood Dr., Glendale.
REVALEE GUY CHANEY, born 13 Feb 1915, Los Angeles.
5169 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles. Normandie 21915
GERMAIN ADOLPH CHINIQUY, born 23 Jun 1912, Kankakee, Illinois.
611 N. Bronson, Los Angeles. HI 3651.
ROBERT EMERSON CLAMPETT, born 8 May 1913, San Diego, California.
120 Fifth St., Manhattan Beach. RE 6895.
HERMAN ROBERT COHEN, born 25 Mar 1913, New York City.
1933 N. Bronson Ave., Los Angeles. HI 2559. (Note: Cohan was 5’ 3”).
JOSE MANUEL CORRAL, born 16 Jan 1907, Chihuahua, Mexico
6112 Winans Dr., Los Angeles. None.
ROBERT A. COTA, born 19 Feb 1912, Santa Rosatia, Mexico
3737 Woodlawn Ave., Los Angeles.

KEITH NIRAM DARLING, born 24 Nov 1919, Kokomo, Ind.
1750 N. Wilton Pl., Los Angeles. HE 5576.
CALVIN MOORE DALTON, born 2 Dec 1908, Pasadena, Calif.
1474 Locust St., Pasadena. SY3-4336.
ROGER JAMES DALY, born 31 Mar 1913, Salt Lake City
812 Ocean Dr., Manhattan Beach.
PHILIP De LARA, born 1 Sept 1911, Los Angeles
6195 Oak Crest Way, Los Angeles. AL 2677.
ELIEL (Lyle) ERNEST ELLIS, born 14 July 1906, Burke, S.D.
128 22nd St., Costa Mesa, Calif.
(employed at South Coast Yacht Landing, Newport).
ISADORE HYMAN ELLIS, born 19 Jan 1910 Newark, New Jersey.
1423 S. Ogden Dr., Los Angeles. Wyoming 4586.

SIDNEY HARRY FARREN, born 3 Feb 1909, Coventry, England
106 S. Sixth Street, Alhambra.
WARREN BARTH FOSTER, born 24 Oct 1905, Brooklyn.
1519 Elevado St., Los Angeles. MO 1-5648.
MILTON JULIUS FRANKLYN, born 16 Sept. 1897, New York City.
3212 Strand, Manhattan Beach. Redondo 3544.
ISADORE FRELENG, born 21 Aug 1904, Kansas City, Missouri.
1058 S. Alfred, Los Angeles. WY 0182.

ADOLPH CHARLES GAMER, born 13 May 1899, Chicago.
2438 Creston Dr., Los Angeles. HE-7721.
LESLIE RALPH (Bud) GARCIA, born 24 Oct 1918 San Luis Obispo, California.
11837 N. Alexandria Ave., Los Angeles. OL 9391.
HAROLD HENRY GARNER, born 9 Oct 1911, Springfield, Mo.
4604 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles. Morningside 1-0574.
ROBERT HERMAN GIVENS, born 2 Mar 1918, Hanson, Kentucky.
3700 Arbolada Rd., Los Angeles. NO 7048.
LUCIFER BEVENUTO GUARNIER, born 21 Jul 1914, New York City.
119 S. Sycamore, Los Angeles. WA 5879.

KAROL ROSS (Ken) HARRIS, born 31 Jul 1898, Tulare, California.
2980 Passmore Dr., Los Angeles. Granite 3484.
DAVID THOMAS HOFFMAN, born 1 Feb 1906, Milton, Penn.
5800 Carlton Way, Los Angeles. Hollywood 9352.
RICHARD ADAMS HOGAN, born 7 Jun 1913 Buffalo, New York.
3700 Arbolada Rd., Los Angeles. NO 7048.
WINFIELD MURRAY HUDSON, born 19 Dec 1908, Little Rock, Ark.
1362 N. Serrano, Los Angeles. GR 7740.

ALEXANDER IGNATIEV, born 16 Apr 1913, Tsaritsin, Russia.
1157 N. Kingsley Dr., Hollywood. NO 6074.
LEWIS IRWIN, born 9 Oct 1913, New York City.
173 S. Sycamore, Los Angeles. Webster 6504.

JOHN DIDRIK JOHNSEN, born 23 July 1885, Denver.
5139 ¼ De Longfre Ave., Los Angeles OL-1884.
CHARLES MARTIN JONES, born 21 Sep 1912, Spokane, Wash.
6747 Milner Rd., Hollywood. HE 8728.
FREDERICK WINSTON JONES, born 2 Jun 1910, Wrexham, North Wales.
704 N. Lima, Burbank. Charleston 6-8173.
JOHN ROGERS JONES, born 20 Apr 1908, St. Joseph, Mo.
1825 Flourney Rd., Manhattan Beach, Calif.
RICHARD KENT JONES, born 5 Feb 1915, Los Angeles.
904 Strand, Manhattan Beach. Redondo 5331.
PAUL HULL JULIAN, born 25 June 1914, Marshall, Ill.
1422 S. St. Andrew’s Pl., Los Angeles. Rochester 1446.

RAYMOND G. KATZ, born 16 Aug. 1892, Mattoon, Ill.
715 N. Walden Dr., Beverly Hills. CR5-8142.
MILTON PERRY KAHN, born 24 Feb 1912, Hartford, Conn.
5712 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles. GL 3653.
JOHN PHILIP KENNEDY, born 18 Nov 1914, St. Paul, Minn.
2062 Argyle Ave., Los Angeles. HO 7089.
LENARD KESTER, born 10 May 1913, New York City.
807 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles. NO2-3261.
ANATOLE KIRSANOFF, born 2 Sep 1911, Kiev, Russia.
1777 N. Vermont St., Los Angeles. OL 9469.

RUDOLPH LARRIVA, born 12 Feb 1916, El Paso, Texas.
5746 ½ Fountain Ave., Los Angeles. Hillside 8542.
GEORGE WARREN LARSON, born 22 Feb 1906, Worcester, Mass.
2574 ½ Thames Pl., Los Angeles. Hillside 5907.
LESLIE HENRI LARSON, born 29 May 1903, Seattle
808 ½ El Centro, Los Angeles. GL 4131
4674 ½ La Mirada Ave., Los Angeles. NO1-8581.
ABRAHAM LEVITOW, born 2 Jul 1922, Los Angeles.
5447 Monroe St., Los Angeles. GR 9773.
HAROLD KNIGHT LORIMIER, born 11 Apr 1908, Colorado Springs.
1160 Benedict Canyon Dr., Beverly Hills.

JOHN HOLCOMBE MacLACHLAN, born 11 Apr 1908, Cleveland.
3630 Effie St., Los Angeles. OL 2338.
NORMAN HILDRETH McCABE, born 19 Feb 1911, Newcastle, England.
1840 N. Berendo St., Los Angeles. GL-4131.
THOMAS JOSEPH McDONALD, Jr., born 25 Nov 1909, Pomona, California.
3008 South Hunter, Los Angeles.
JOHN BURTON McGREW, born 19 Mar 1910, New York City.
1945 Cerro Gordo, Los Angeles. OL 8744.
CHARLES E. McKIMSON, Jr., born 20 Dec 1914, Fort Lupton, Colorado.
10718 Riverside Dr., North Hollywood.
ROBERT PORTER McKIMSON, born 13 Oct 1910, Denver.
439 N. Kilkea Dr., Los Angeles. York 3902.
MICHAEL MALTESE, born 6 Feb 1908, New York City.
1216 N. Gower, Hollywood.
JOHN MARSHALL MARKS, born 4 Dec 1906, Pine Bluff, Ark.
5436 Ascot Ave., Los Angeles. CE2-5442.
PAUL FREDERICK MARRON, Jr., born 20 Dec 1912, Los Angeles.
1030 N. Evergreen, Burnaby. Charleston 6-5704.
ROBERT HOWARTH MATZ, born 8 Jul 1912, Cleveland.
7512 W. Norton Ave., Los Angeles.
GODFREY JOSEPH (Fred) MAYERHOFER, born 9 May 1911, London, England.
5500 Monroe St., Hollywood. Hollywood 9041.
MELVIN EUGENE MILLAR, born 6 May 1900, Portis, Kansas.
2709 Alameda, Burbank. CL6-0760.
ARTHUR (Steve) MILMAN, born 6 Jan 1880, Vallejo, Calif.
4632 Kingswell Ave., Los Angeles. MO1-8615.
DAVID LLOYD GEORGE MONAHAN, born 3 Mar 1918, San Bernardino, California.
5945 Barton Ave., Los Angeles. Hempstead 2467.
PHILIP MILTON MONROE, born 31 Oct 1915, Long Beach, California.
5744 Fountain, Los Angeles. HE 2360.
KENNETH LAVERN MOORE, born 12 Feb 1908, Holland, Michigan.
553 Westmount Dr., N. Hollywood. GL 4131.

SAM WARD NICHOLSON, born 3 March 1918, El Paso, Texas.
1216 Tamarind Ave., Hollywood. GR 6586.
ROBERT FRANK NORTH, born 11 Nov 1906, Havelock, Neb.
4063 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles. GL 4131.

ALBERT FRANK PABIAN, born 13 Jan 1918, Rochester, New York.
1417 N. Bronson Ave., Hollywood. HO 0503. (Note: Frank Tipper is father-in-law)
MANUEL PEREZ, born 17 Jun 1914, Morenci, Arizona.
9012 Graham Ave., Los Angeles.
JACK LEROY PHILLIPS, born 20 Nov 1919, San Bernadino.
2316 Veteran Avenue, Los Angeles. Arizona 3-2335.
JOHN FRANK POWERS, born 14 Feb 1898, Muncie, Indiana.
5740 ½ Fountain Ave., Los Angeles.

VEOTIS TIMOTHY RICHMOND, born 8 Dec 1917, Tarry, Arkansas.
5436 Ascot Ave., Los Angeles. CE 25442.
VIVE WILHO RISTO, born 1 Nov 1902, Terry, South Dakota.
4124 Laurel Grove Ave., Studio City. Sunset 1-3741.
VIRGIL WALTER ROSS, born 8 Aug 1907, Watertown, New York.
3337 Bennett Dr., Hollywood. GR 5911.

MICHAEL SASANOFF, born 15 Dec 1903, Odessa, Russia.
851 ¼ N. Formosa Ave., Los Angeles. Walnut 7248.
LEON SCHLESINGER, born 20 May 1884, Philadelphia.
1160 Benedict Canyon Dr., Beverly Hills. CR5-8724
RODERICK HENRY SCRIBNER, born 10 Oct 1910, Joseph, Oregon.
2925 Hill Drive, Los Angeles. AL 0591.
SIDNEY FRANCIS SEARLS, born 21 Mar 1915, West Side, Iowa.
1526 6th Avenue, Los Angeles. RO 7801.
BENJAMIN SHENKMAN, born 3 Jul 1913, New York City.
539 N. Manhattan Pl., Los Angeles. GR 7858.
SEYMOUR ALVIN SLOSBURG, born 19 Sep 1920, Los Angeles.
1219 Point View, Los Angeles. WA 2280.
(Note: Seymour didn't return to Schlesinger's after serving in the U.S. Navy during the war. He went into the clothing business. He was 95 when he died in 2006).
HAROLD SOLDINGER, born 21 Jul 1917, Arverne, New York.
1417 N. Bronson Ave., Los Angeles. HO 0503.
CARL WILLIAM STALLING, born 10 Nov 1891, Lexington, Miss.
2644 Hollyridge Drive, Los Angeles. GR 8739.
SIDNEY EDSEL SUTHERLAND, born 7 Aug 1901, Los Angeles.
12045 Hoffman St., North Hollywood.

ROGERS EVANS TALIAFERRO, born 21 Nov 1920, Kansas City.
1157 Tamarind Ave., Los Angeles. HO 6761.
ALBERT LLOYD TARTER, born 3 Dec 1913, New York.
2412 ½ N. Beachwood, Los Angeles. GL 5814.
RICHARD HASTINGS THOMAS, born 3 Jan 1915, Hackensack, New Jersey.
723 N. Myers St., Burbank.
RICHARD LESTER THOMPSON, born 25 Aug 1914, Wilmot, South Dakota.
112 N. Mariposa, Los Angeles.
GILBERT HENRY TURNER, born 1 Dec 1911, Milwaukee, Wis.
1536 Marmont Ave., Los Angeles. Hillside 0352.

LLOYD LINCOLN VAUGHAN, born 2 Jan 1909, Portland, Oregon.
1348 Lincoln, Burbank.

ALEXANDER MACKINTOSH WALKER, born 22 Feb 1897, Croy Inverness-Shire, Scotland.
351 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles. Hillside 9781.
BENJAMIN ALFRED WASHAM, born 17 Mar 1915, Newport, Arkansas.
220 S. Jackson, Glendale. Cit 3402.

RUDOLF ALFRED ZINGLER, born 18 Oct 1905, Breslau, Germany.
900 North Ford Street, Burbank. Gladstone 3141.

Note: Drawings purloined from Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research site.


  1. Nice! I also made a list of employees cross-reference with comic credits from Jerry Bails’ Who’s Who:

    Richard Frederick Bickenbach -

    Raymond Bert Bloss -

    Kenneth Fred Champin -

    Warren Barth Foster -

    Lucifer Benvenuto Guarnier -

    Philip De Lara -

    Michael Maltese -

    Norman Hildreth McCabe -

    Charles E McKimson -

    Robert Porter McKimson -

    Melvin Eugene Millar -

    Philip Minton Monroe -

    Manuel Perez -

    Roderick Henry Scribner -

    Gilbert Henry Turner -

    - Daniel

  2. Nice. There’s also People who named Fleischer Studios on their World War II draft registration cards:

    Louis Adler

    Ernest Walter Arcella

    Frank Bacher

    John Anthony Baker

    Thomas Louis Baron

    James Hamel Beatty

    Verlin Cecil Blackwell

    Larz Eugene Bourne

    Willard Gustav Bowsky

    Frederick Francis Brent

    Sam Buchwald

    Roy Oral Burke

    John Early Burks

    Hamilton Butts

    Orestes Calpini

    Jose Rodrigo Carreon

    John Douglas Chaffin

    Alfred Clark

    Gilbert Rionda Clarke

    Alden Eugene Craver

    John Martin Cuddy

    James Henry Culhane

    Walter Raymond Cunningham

    Mike David

    James Faris Davis

    Joseph Marbelle D?Igallo

    Oliver Francis Drebert

    Irving Dressler

    Larry Moore Duncan

    John Harold Ehret

    Frank Howard Lewis Eley

    Herschel Clair Ellison

    Frank Xavier Endres

    Robert Henry Esslinger

    Vincent Francis Fago

    Thomas Benson Farish

    Jacki Fern

    Otto Feuer

    Milton Irving Fine

    Leo Herbert Fisk

    Everett Owen Fitzgerald

    Lester May Fleischen

    James Edward Fortner

    Herbert Frankel

    Nathan Friedland

    Stanley Irvin Friedlander

    Robert Reaney Friis

    Donald William Gammon

    Woodrow Wilson Gelman

    William Lanen Gerke

    George Germanetti

    John Paul Gibbs

    Arnold Benjamin Gillespie

    Thomas William Golden

    Earl Purdy Goldthorp

    Arthur Greenbaum

    Morton Greenbaum

    Reuben Grossman

    Lloyd Charles Von Haden

    Samuel John Head

    Henry Heilbrunn

    David Parsons Higgins

    Winfield Scott Hoskins

    Calvin Henry Howard

    Bernard Howson

    William Ballinger Hudson

    John Immerman

    Thomas Antisell Johnson

    Arnold William Kivela

    Earl Klein

    Seymoor Holtzer Kneitel

    Abner Matthew Kneitel

    Walter Harold Kraemer

    Richard Lang

    Bernard Leiter

    George Lester

    Bernard Levin

    Eli Loab Levitan

    Lawrence Lippman

    William Robert Little

    Harold Ellsworth Lockwood

    Anton Loeb

    Lawrence Lopez

    Edwin Francis Loughlin

    James Lunnon

    Milton M Lustig

    William Russell Madden

    Marwill Richard Frank Mann

    Leonard Louis McCormick

    Eugene Ralph McGregor

    Jack Bennett Mercer

    Richard Shane Miller

    Thomas Ancrum Moore

    Jay Morton

    Stephen Paul Muffati

    Paul Edwin Murphy

    Frank Napoleon

    John O?Neill

    Anthony Nicholas Oriolo

    Joseph Dominick Oriolo

    Jack Orzarkawitz

    John Daniel O?Sullivan

    George Anthony Ottino

    Frank Joseph Paiker

    Philip Joseph Di Paola

    Anthony J Di Paola

    Herbert Harvey Patterson

    William Culpepper Pierce

    Edward Stacey Pierce

    Henry Roehming Rehe

    Harold Herman Robins

    Lodowick Louis Rosswer

    Harry Ryterband

    Leland Sanford

    Frank Preston Scheidenberger

    Erich Friedrich Theodor Schenk

    Charles Henry Schettler

    Robert Israel Schwartz

    Edward Shane

    Gordon Augustine Sheehan

    Howard Irving Smith

    Maxie Smith

    Benjamin M Solomon

    Abraham Albert Spar

    Isidore Herman Sparber

    Irving Spector

    Samuel Stimson

    Maurice Sussman

    Hilmer Swens

    Louis Philip Sylvester

    William Talbott

    Nicholas D Taturi

    Herman Taylor

    Alfred Taylor

    David Tendlar

    William Turner

    James Harold Tyer

    Andrew Valentine

    George Christian Waiss

    Myron Waldman

    John Charles Walworth

    Brandon Bruce Weaver

    Henry Richard Weber

    Carroll Orville Wessler

    Harry Charles Wichman

    Robert Leslie Wickersham

    Willie Charlie Williams

    John Richard Williams

    John Oswald Willis

    Jesse George Witmer

    Milton Samuel Wohl

    Harry Virgil Wylie

    Alma Fay Young

    George Douglass Young

    - Daniel