Friday, 22 January 2021

Party at Tom's

It’s party time at Tom’s place in Saturday Evening Puss (1950). His buddy cats whoosh through a window and start to play jazz.

One puts on a chef’s hat, grabs a spatula, then treats LPs like pancakes as he flips them onto a turntable, beating the spatula in time to the cymbal and electric guitar.

Another plays the piano. He treats the sheet music like a typewriter, pulling it back to the left side after it reaches the “end” of the piano and dings.

And the little cat plays some empty wine glasses like a xylophone.

All this looks like Ken Muse’s animation. There seems to be a lot of Muse in this cartoon. I think that’s Irv Spence at the start when Tom holds an “O.K. For The PARTY” sign. Ed Barge and Ray Patterson are also on the credits. It appears Patterson didn’t work on this short but Mike Lah did during some chase scenes.


  1. That's Topsy the cat playing the glasses. Unlike his namesake, he didn't grow.

  2. Given the 1950 release date for this one, I wonder if those discs aren't really 78s instead of LPs....

  3. Mike Lah didn't work on this one, to my knowledge. Ed Barge does Tom with the sign. This is Muse.

  4. The orange one is Meathead, The black one is Butch and the one with light brown fur is Topsy, and he's a kitten who doesn't grow into a cat.