Monday, 18 January 2021

Cuckoo Eggs

A customer in Tom and Jerry’s dinner orders two fried eggs. “Fry two!” shouts Jerry at a cuckoo clock in the kitchen. Jingle bells are heard and the cuckoo comes out on a plank. “Okay, colonel!” he replies (the mouth movements bear no resemblance to the words).

Back into the clock he goes. The clock starts shaking as the bird lays. A shute emerges from the clock’s doors and two eggs tumble down it. The crookedness of the shute makes it funny.

The eggs sprout faces, do a little dance to the sound of a woodblock, then collapse into the shape of fried eggs.

For the Van Beuren studio, the scene is pretty inventive and the pace is quick.

John Foster and George Rufle get the “by” credit in Pots and Pans released by RKO. Gene Rodemich supplies the score, which opens with “Cupid on the Cake” by Erell Reaves and Sherman Myers (1930). Listen to a slower version of it below.


  1. The toddler with the bucket in the scene before this looks for all the world like the standard kid design in Fontaine Fox's "Toonerville Folks" comic panel. A harbinger of licensing agreements to come, or coincidental rip-off? You be the judge.