Monday 27 May 2019

Porky Pig's Feat

Frank Tashlin and his uncredited layout man Dave Hilberman have all kinds of angles and bits of perspective animation in Porky Pig’s Feat (1943). It opens with a shot looking way down at the entrance to a hotel and then pans up. Here’s the bottom of it.

Here are some angles later in the cartoon where Daffy and Porky attempt to escape from the hotel with bedsheets tied together. The manager is hidden in the sewer and gives Porky a hot foot, which shoots him up like a rocket and he and Porky end up back in their room.

Here’s Porky as a rocket.

Phil Monroe is the credited animator, but Cal Dalton, Art Davis and Izzy Ellis likely animated on this as well.

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  1. i haven't seen this one in years-but i sure remember it. early daffy & porky were okay. i love daffy but never really warmed up to porky. these dizzying heights backgrounds from a young age reminded me of new york city. where i'm 62 years young typing this now.still & when i first moved here in 1981(from my home town of niagara falls new york) i would get flashes of these kinds of buildings in manhattan. reminding me of these warner toons. on rooftops-looking out of offices-just boppin' around manhattan since '81 has fulfilled my wonderful urban perspectives.