Friday 24 May 2019

It''s Not a Bucket of Water

A little flame lights George’s butt on fire. “Bucket of water!” he cries to Junior. There are two buckets. You can guess which one he’s going to grab.

Then we get white and red coloured cards interlaced between drawings to show the flash of light.

This is from Red Hot Rangers, a 1947 Tex Avery effort. I’m not a fan of George and Junior, though I like the cute little flame and Johnny Johnsen’s establishing background in this cartoon.

The animators are Walt Clinton, Ed Love, Preston Blair and Ray Abrams. The story man is Heck Allen.


  1. I feel that Pat Ventura's '90s TV shorts with those two characters contain what the originals are sorely lacking - outrageous ultraviolent gags at a breakneck pace (Sorry, Tex).

  2. That's why you DON'T pour gasoline on a fire. LOL!!!

  3. Love George and Junior. Especially HOUND HUNTERS.

  4. Hans Christian Brando27 May 2019 at 16:55

    For those who may wonder why a firetruck would carry a bucket of gas, well, you wouldn't want the truck to run out of gas on the way to a fire, now would you? But sealed might have been a good idea.

    Spoiler alert: later, George's butt is...oh, see for yourself.

  5. I remember a similar gag in another cartoon (probably "Cat Tails for Two" -- "P-e-t-r-o-l, that spells water!"