Thursday 16 May 2019


The hobo cat in King-Size Canary gallops to a fridge (the Coldernell model) that he envisions is full of food.

Afraid not.

Here are some frames from the reaction take. There’s a head shake then the cat’s tail fur sticks out.

Tex Avery doesn’t let the tail just stay here. There are three other drawings, slightly different, giving the impression the stiff tail is wavering a bit.

Walt Clinton, Ray Abrams and Bob Bentley are the credited animators in this cartoon, released in 1947. Ed Love had been fired by Fred Quimby by this point; Preston Blair had been transferred out.

There is no dialogue in this cartoon for about the first 90 seconds after the credits and, actually, very little in the rest of the cartoon. The cat sounds like Pinto Colvig, Frank Graham is the mouse, Sara Berner plays the title character.


  1. The ending of this cartoon was interesting, with planet-sized animals!

  2. So, Yowp, any more details as just WHY Fred Quimby fired Ed Love? It couldn't be for low footage!