Tuesday 28 May 2019

Cartoon Lunch Break

Screwy Squirrel and Lonesome Lenny interrupt their chase for a lunch. Screwy swirls in mid-air and produces a workplace picnic.

“Strong union,” is the explanation Screwy gives the audience. Evidently the lunch is mandated in their contract under the Screen Cartoonists Guild.

This was Tex Avery’s last Screwy cartoon. Ray Abrams, Preston Blair, Walt Clinton and Ed Love are the animators.

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  1. This particular cartoon must have made an impression - at least peripherally - on the boys at Termite Terrace. The "Strong union" line closes Quack Shot (1954), and the concept of naturally antagonistic fauna functioning as 9 to 5 blue-collar workers was adapted for the Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog series.