Tuesday 7 May 2019

Boots Make You Nuts

Snafu is driven insane by endlessly sorting military boots in Three Brothers (1944). Some dry brush and multiples highlight the frames.

The Friz Freleng unit animated this cartoon.


  1. Humpty Bumpty: "Boots, boots, boots! I'm going mad!"

  2. One of my favorite Sgt.Snafu shorts was the one where Snafu is trying to mail a letter home without gong through the correct wartime steps. I can still hear Mel saying " Ders gotta be a way I can get dis " Letta " out without goin' through the " Sinsa " ( Censor )And of course all the alarms and whistles go crazy. Very funny.

  3. Snafu wouldn't have made it as an elf in King Fudd's shoe-making operation a decade later, in the last of Friz's Sloan Foundation shorts.