Thursday 15 September 2022

The Dog's Not Safe

The bulldog has possession of the whistle that’s been used to summon the cat that brings bad luck, and he’s going to use it to kill him.

The dog hoists a safe high above a spot to drop on the unsuspecting black cat after signalling him with the whistle. The cat simply moves the “X” that marks the spot. You can see the gag by following the frames below. A white card appears for three alternating frames to give a light effect.

Bad Luck Blackie (1948) is a fun Tex Avery cartoon with animation by Grant Simmons, Louie Schmitt, Preston Blair and Grant Simmons. Rich Hogan was Avery’s gag man.


  1. BLB is a true classic of comedy.

  2. BAD LUCK BLACKIE is probably my favorite Avery cartoon.

    Joe Adamson, in his book on Avery, tells how Avery was enthusiastically describing BLACKIE to him. How the dog is hit with a string of increasingly far-fetched objects. "But where do the things come from?" asked Joe, innocently. Avery, Joe tells us, looked momentarily distracted, as if that had never crossed his mind, then waved it away, as if it was the most irrelevant question in the world.