Friday 9 September 2022

That Duck!

A Nazi comes across a limp-wristed mouse in the Snafu cartoon Fighting Tools (1943).

The mouse drops to the ground, holding his nose. But wait a minute! What’s coming out of that cannon?

Could that be Daffy Duck? Or is director Bob Clampett just re-using Daffy’s design?

I say the latter, but there are fans who insist that if it looks like a character, it must be the same character (eg. a skunk in an Art Davis must be Pepe Le Pew even though it doesn’t act like him in the slightest).

Since this is a Clampett cartoon, there has to be a pop culture reference. One of the ducklings flies back and says “Rallly they are” like Kate Hepburn before zipping out of the cartoon.

The cartoon ends with Snafu captured naked and becoming a horse’s rear end, with music to match.

1 comment:

  1. I say it must be Daffy, but we'll never know for sure.