Friday 30 September 2022

It's a Yowpcast!

Keith Scott is more than an impressionist and the voice of Bullwinkle after Bill No Relation Scott died. He wrote a marvellous book on the Jay Ward cartoon studio (“The Moose That Roared”) and now he has written something that six-year-old me would have bugged my dad to buy 60 years ago.

“Cartoon Voices of the Golden Age” not only talks about the people who spoke on animated cartoons in the ‘30s through ‘60s, but gives a capsule version of the rise and fall of almost every major studio and how they dealt with sound, including music and editing.

Keith and I chat in the video below. I didn’t get a chance to ask half my questions before time ran out. Sorry fans of the Iwerks studio or Dal McKennon. But all that stuff is revealed in his two-volume set.

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