Monday 19 September 2022

Puzzled Fish

The lucky ducky (of the cartoon of the same name) beats it across the lake to escape from George and Junior.

The two dogs and their motorboat are so fast, they suck away a path in the lake. The fish react.

Even though Tex Avery's gags are hit-and-miss (the Technicolor gag is brilliant), I still like this cartoon. The animators are Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons, Louie Schmitt and Preston Blair. This was the last short Schmitt animated at Metro. Rich Hogan was Avery's gagman. Lucky Ducky’s release was delayed, judging by trade press stories, until October 9, 1948.


  1. Hopefully, Keith Scott's "Cartoon Voices of the Golden Age, 1930-70" will be published tomorrow.

  2. Not much on Lucky Ducky. There are a million other funny Texes.

  3. Actually LUCKY DUCKY is one of my favorite Tex toons.