Friday, 1 October 2021

You Know What's Going to Happen Here

“And over here we have Hot Foot Hogan the Firewalker,” barks the circus barker in Tex Avery’s Circus Today (1940). “This miracle-of-the-age man has defied science with his amazing exhibition of walking over red-hot coals with his bare feet, folks.”

Avery’s already telegraphed the gag.

“Hogan” refers to writer Rich Hogan, who left Warners to work with Avery at MGM in 1941. The writer of this cartoon (at least in the revolving credits) is Jack Miller. Sid Sutherland’s the credited animator on non-Blue Ribbon versions. Virgil Ross and Rod Scribner were also animating in the unit, and I believe Bob and Chuck McKimson were with Avery as well.


  1. It's still funny, though, even if you do see it coming.

    1. I think why it works is the ending. Other studios would have him running into the distance. Here, Avery has him returning to normal after completing his feat (or feet).