Tuesday, 19 October 2021


Symphony in Slang is an interesting experiment. Tex Avery liked visual puns, so he accepted the challenge of turning them into a seven-minute narrative.

For this different kind of plot, he brought in Tom Oreb from Disney to design and lay out the short. There are bits of Johnny Johnsen’s work in backgrounds but it’s mostly Oreb. These certainly don’t look like anything Johnsen would come up with.

Oreb, by the way, was let go at Disney on the same day as writer Roy Williams, who also ended up with Avery after a stop at Jam Handy in Detroit. Rich Hogan was the writer for this cartoon.

Scott Bradley's score was copyright September 11, 1950. The cartoon was released June 6, 1951.


  1. Not one of my favorite Avery cartoons. The novelty of the concept doesn't sustain for seven minutes. This one probably helped him save a few bucks out of his production budget, though, given the limited amount of animation in it.

    1. Hans Christian Brando20 October 2021 at 17:37

      At least Anger made a return appearance (in CGI, yet) in "Inside Out."