Thursday, 14 October 2021

Mary is Flip

Ub Iwerks’ writing staff borrowed their own gag from the Flip the Frog cartoon School Days (1932) and put it in Mary’s Little Lamb (1935).

Mary is late for school so she sneaks under the desks of her classmates to avoid being caught the standard Iwerks old crone, who is a teacher in this cartoon.

Mary casually says “Hiya, teacher!”

Hey, wait a minute! They didn’t just re-use the gag, they reused the animation.

In fact, the cycle of kids playing outside the school opening of School Days is reused here, as is the teacher ringing the school bell. Those are just the scenes I checked; I’m sure there are more. The Flip cartoons were out of circulation and probably forgotten by audiences, and the ComiColor series that Mary was in was about to die.

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