Friday 29 October 2021

Wot a Bat

Put Van Beuren cartoon characters in surreal situations and you generally get a weird cartoon. Weird enough to be likeable.

Tom and Jerry star in Wot a Night (1931). It has crazy and impossible skeleton gags. It also does something Disney cartoons liked doing.

Tom is paranoid as Jerry tries to open a window blind.

Here are two really ugly in-betweens.

Tom is balancing his hat on his nose.

Lifting the shade reveals nothing, so Tom and Jerry look around the corner.

Something oozes through the bricks on the floor.

It’s a bat! See the quiggly lines around Tom to show he’s shuddering (the drawing alternates with another with smooth lines).

The bat flies off in perspective near the camera so the theatre audience can get a close-up. Jerry, for some reason, is rubbing his finger against a pointed claw on the bat.

John Foster and George Stalling receive a “by” credit on the cartoon. Gene Rodemich supplies the score.

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