Monday, 11 October 2021

Not Quite Gene Krupa

Porky in Wackyland is one of my favourite Warners cartoons of all time. So much is going on, one thing after another.

Here, a Wackylander is playing the William Tell Overture on his nose, which is shaped like a flute. Suddenly, in one frame, a drum kit is pulled out, with the character bashing away. He moves to the piano, then switches back to his nose, now shaped like a trumpet, before the camera pans right to other odd characters.

Norm McCabe and Izzy Ellis are the credited animators in this Bob Clampett cartoon from 1938. One unconfirmed internet report says Elmer Plummer was the background artist. After this cartoon, his next stop was Disney. There were no Wackylands there.

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  1. Hans Christian Brando11 October 2021 at 18:11

    Heretical as it may be, I rather prefer the remake "Dough for the Do-Do." It lacks its predecessor's spontaneity, and some of the new footage doesn't quite match the original's design; but it's tidier, the voices are better, and of course color helps.