Friday, 7 May 2021

Quick Change For Betty

An easel with a picture of Maurice Chevalier grabs a megaphone nearby on the stage and puts it to the picture’s mouth. “Can you imitate me, Betty Boop??” says the Chevalier picture. (Yes, that really is Chevalier’s voice). Betty answers in the affirmative and the picture tells her to do it right now.

A screen with legs trots onto the screen, Betty changes, and the screen trots off stage. Betty grabs a straw hat from someone in the audience and sings “Hello Beautiful,” a song Chevalier did on his 1931-32 radio show for Chase and Sanborn.

Doc Crandall and Rudy Eggeman get the animation credits in Stopping the Show (1932). Mae Questel is Betty.

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  1. With Chevalier being a Paramount star, I don't suppose it was that difficult to get him to do that little bit.