Monday, 24 May 2021

Hans Conried, Taxidermist Killer

A taxidermist with murder on his mind comes into focus as Woody Woodpecker emerges from being blacked out in Woody Dines Out. Woody glances at a sign then realises what’s about to happen.

A head shake, a shock take and then three drawings of Woody going back to his “pass out” position.

Don Williams is the credited animator but Emery Hawkins, Pat Matthews and others worked on it. Showman’s Trade Review of May 20, 1944 says “Walt Lantz has signed Hans Conreid and Jack Mather to record voices for his Cartune, ‘Woody Dines Out’,” but Mather isn’t heard in this one. The cartoon was released in May 1945.


  1. I think that this scene of Woody was animated by Paul Smith.

    1. This scene actually radiates Don Williams vibes for me, but I might consider you to be closer in terms of being correct. Regarding who animated this, that is.

    2. I presume Williams animates the scene of the axe-grinding and the preceding shot before it, but Smith is the de-facto animator for the take and the highlight of this post.

      This cartoon is actually very inconsistent with it's animator assignment, with too many examples to list. There's multiple shots where it's the same layout which could of been easily assigned to one animator, with my favorite being the two clearly different animated shots of Woody counting on his fingers.