Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Drybrush Sylvester

Here’s how the ink and paint department handles some dry-brush work in Kit For Cat, a 1948 cartoon from the Friz Freleng unit.

Sylvester is trying to find refuge from the cold by knocking on Elmer’s door. Elmer opens it, Sylvester bangs on his head, then realises it’s his meal ticket at the door, so he flips over and pretends to be frozen stiff.

Ken Champin, Virgil Ross, Manny Perez and Gerry Chiniquy are the animators on this cartoon, with good gags and situations from Mike Maltese and Tedd Pierce. At one point, the kitten Sylvester is trying to get rid of turns on a radio mystery show, starring Mel Blanc as Melvin and Bea Benaderet as Beatrice. Arthur Q. Bryan fudds it up. For a guy who said he hated using Elmer, Friz made some solid, funny cartoons with him.


  1. Sylvester & Elmer made a good team - too bad they weren't paired up again until 1956's YANKEE DOOD IT.

    1. Close, but it was the similiarly themed "HEIR CONDITIONED" from that time (similiar due to being finance lessons, far-right-wing Sloane Foundation based)

    2. Ny error - YANKEE DOOD IT was the last film, not the second in the Sloane series.