Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Hold the Goat

Was it Mickey Mouse who was showered with milk from an udder gag? Or was it Oswald the Rabbit before him? Oh, well. It’s one of those gags re-used by Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising from a cartoon their ex co-workers made in the ‘20s.

In Hold Anything, the third Looney Tune released by Warner Bros., a goat eats a steam whistle, become bloated with steam and floats up to Bosko, who is in an office playing a musical typewriter.

Bosko grabs onto the goat’s tail, floats over to a nearby girder and starts playing the animal like an accordion. He even presses the goat’s belly-button to get a note.

The whistle pops out of the goat’s mouth, and the two of them go twirling into the sky by the release of the steam. Baaaaaah! Bosko then slides down to the utter and holds on so he doesn’t drop to the ground. That’s when he gets the shower.

Bosko ends up falling, breaking into multiple Boskos (another old gag), then pulls himself together after a little dance. That’s all, folks!

Friz Freleng and Norm Blackburn are the credited animators, with Frank Marsales cobbling together the score.

The review from the Motion Picture News of August 30, 1930:

Looney Tunes, No. 3
(Vitaphone Varieties, No. 4,299)
"HOLD ANYTHING" is the title of this cartoon, but the artist must have tired while making it, for it is repetitious throughout. Several bits of new business were injected into it, but the music didn’t help a bit. Running time, 7 minutes.
Will get by with a heavy feature.

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