Monday 7 December 2020

Stage Hoax

No expert am I when it comes to picking out styles of animators, but it’s interesting to see the changes along the way in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon Stage Hoax (1952).

In one scene, Woody is fairly angular, including his knuckles. with a bent beak.

The hitchhiking scene has a rubberier Woody, with exaggerated hands.

Here’s a comparatively ho-hum take by Wally Walrus. There’s not much exaggeration, either in the drawings or the timing. The drawings are animated on twos.

These fear drawings of Woody after seeing gunman Buzz Buzzard (then being embarrassed after realising it’s a poster) are more entertaining, at least for me. (Usually, if it’s a scene I like, it’s Patterson’s).

Besides Patterson, the credited animators are La Verne Harding, Paul Smith and Ray Abrams.

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  1. Paul Smith handles the animation up until Woody's take with the wooden Buzz Buzzard copy, which is LaVerne Harding's animation. Along with Ray Abrams, Ken Southworth does uncredited animation during shots of the coach going down the hill. I can't presume if Patterson was still doing animation at this time, but it looks likely that Southworth took over animation duties for him until he left Lantz.