Thursday 17 December 2020

Everybody Dance!

Love’s Labor Won (1933) has a few things to like—a singing, overstuffed chair and a singing tiger rug, but it suffers from crude animation and the discovery by the story department that there’s less than a minute and a half to go and the villain hasn’t shown up yet. The fight scene doesn’t have time to build; Cubby and the wolf exchange a few punches and then the cartoon’s over.

Instead we get a couple of songs and a lot of dancing. A pair of fish seem ecstatic about this.

There’s another scene that you’ll find in a number of Van Beuren cartoons where the background moves from side to side while a screen full of characters dance in the foreground.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a strong Cubby Bear cartoon. And this was only the second of the series.

John Foster and Mannie Davis were responsible for this short.

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