Tuesday 29 December 2020

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Tom sticks out his tongue at the bulldog in The Framed Cat (1950). So the dog clobbers him with the bone to cut off the cat’s tongue while it flaps in mid-air for a couple of seconds.

There’s a soundtrack edit at 3:54. I have no idea what, if anything, was taken out of the cartoon.

Ken Muse, Ed Barge, Ray Patterson and Irv Spence are the credited animators. Someone draws the dog (is he Spike or Butch in this cartoon?) with two teeth filling his mouth (animated on twos); I have no idea who did that. My wild guess is Jerry Mann supplied the dialogue.

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  1. Probably No. 2 on my list of most painful gags the audience actually feels during the Hanna-Barbera Tom & Jerry era, right behind the buzzsaw sound when Tom falls and cuts a tree in half in "The Flying Cat".