Tuesday 1 December 2020

He Kind of Looks Familiar

Hmmm. These Fleischer mice look kind of somebody I’ve seen before.

This is from the Talkatoon Grand Uproar (1930), with Seymour Kneitel and Al Eugster as the credited animators. Here’s an individual Malkey Mouse (or a name something like that).

Van Beuren wasn’t the only New York studio with zooming heads. Malkey (or something like that) thrusts his head toward the camera. We get teeth. We get tongue. In fact, the mouse puts his tongue back in his mouth.

This cartoon also has a running gag about a hippo working his way down the row in front of him with “Pardon me, excuse me,” a bit used in other studios.

The title of this had already been used in a Vitaphone Varieties short in 1927 and was used by Terrytoons in 1933.


  1. These scenes are all Seymour Kneitel's animation.

    1. ...as, I should mention, can be determined by acquiring copies of and actually studying these early Fleischer cartoons (the Screen Songs especially), and external pieces of art by the animators where available.