Monday, 21 December 2020

Christmas Cat

Sylvester is a great character. He’s expressive no matter who the director is.

Here are some frames from Gift Wrapped, probably my favourite Warner Bros. Christmas cartoon. Granny (Bea Benaderet) sees that the cat has eaten Tweety and yells at him. Friz seems to have loved sweat reactions; he has them in all kinds of his cartoons. There are a bunch of ragged-fur Sylvester drawings in this scene, but we’ll only post a couple. There’s a smear for good measure here.

More reactions.

Ken Champin, Manny Perez, Virgil Ross and Art Davis are the animators. Irv Wyner supplies some great background art. And Warren Foster is behind the various gag sequences. The cartoon was released in February 1952 and re-released in November 1960.