Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Speedy Bimbo

Speed lines in 1932? That’s what you’ll see in that year’s Betty Boop’s Bamboo Isle as Bimbo pilots his motor boat.

By the way, Irving Berlin wrote a song in 1920 called “My Little Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle.”

Seymour Kneitel and Bernie Wolf are the credited animators. The Royal Samoans make a live-action appearance.


  1. Knietel also had the background change while the actions of Popeye and Olive remained in the same place, in 1933's "Seasin's Greetinks", an action that was considered revolutionary when UPA did it with "Gerald McBoing Boing" 17 years later. Kind of fits the claim that the Fliescher Studios did do some innovative stuff, but outside of the technical aspects (like the rotoscope or tabletop diorama camera) they didn't get publicized.

    1. I've read about Avery and his speed lines very early at Warners and Disney with the tortoise and the hare cartoon, but this pre-dates both of them. I wonder if the idea went back further, even to silent times.