Friday, 4 January 2019

How To Reference Another Cartoon Studio

Major Twombly is getting his butt handed to him by wild African animals in The Major Lied ‘Til Dawn..... he does the only logical thing a cartoon character would do. “By Jove,” he says to the camera, “if it’s good enough for that sailor man, it’s good enough me.”

Warner Bros. ripped off the Popeye spinach routine, but it couldn’t rip off Popeye’s theme without paying one of Paramount’s music publishers, so Carl Stalling plays some fanfare instead.

Pop culture alert!! The cartoons plays around with the Lucky Strike cigarette slogan “With men who know tobacco best, it’s Luckies two to one!” Lucky Strike sponsored Jack Benny on radio for over a decade. One of Benny’s sound effects men was Gene Twombly.

The story credit in this 1938 cartoon went to Rich Hogan, under the direction of Frank Tashlin. Writer Tedd Pierce voices the major.

So it is that Tashlin steals from Dave Fleischer, who took replaced Tashlin at Columbia a few years later. The world is a circle.


  1. I thought the Popeye-ized chick (LITERALLY!) in "Porky's Garden" was cool! LOL!

  2. Gene Twombly married Bea Benaderet, who played telephone operator Gertrude Gearshift on Benny's show and, of course, voiced many WB characters as well as Betty Rubble, putting us back under Columbia. (The world really is a circle.) Twombly survived Benaderet by just four days, keeling over from a heart attack the day of her funeral.