Friday, 18 January 2019

Bear in Underwear

Oswald is chased into a cave by a vicious bear in Tall Timber (1928).

The fight!

Uh, oh. It seems the bear has a fetish.

Oswald cartoons weren’t in colour in 1928 so the bear has to register embarrassment by its face alternating between black and white.

The bear runs away in that low-kneed stomp that appears in these and some early Harman-Ising cartoons.

Triumphant! Oswald has a fur coat.

Film Daily’s review of this Walt Disney cartoon from June 24, 1928 reads, in part “Oswald the rabbit goes out into the open spaces for a day's sport, and all kinds of queer things happen to him...” I’m sure the pun is unintentional.

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