Monday, 21 January 2019

Paul Julian's Palace

Animation fans should have no trouble discerning which studio was responsible for this recreated pan background.

It’s from UPA’s The Emperor’s New Clothes (1953). Julian’s best known for his great background work at the Warner Bros. studio. He left it for UPA in 1950. Julian was responsible for design and backgrounds of this short.

Julian’s daughter Alison told UPA chronicler Adam Abraham that the head of the studio, Stephen Bosustow, considered sending Julian and director Ted Parmelee to Hans Christian Andersen’s home country of Denmark to do research for this cartoon, but it turned out not to be so practical.

Julian’s last theatrical credit at UPA was as the director of Baby Boogie, released in 1955.

If you want to view lots of Julian’s work at Warners, go to this great blog. Read a short biography at this site, and check out some of his book illustrations on Michael Sporn’s blog.

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