Monday, 28 January 2019

Fighting With Shadows

Don Patterson tries a silhouette scene in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon Socko in Morocco (1954). Our hero is a member of the Foreign Legion tasked with protecting the Princess Salami from Sheik El Rancid (played by Buzz Buzzard). The stealthy sheik makes his move.

The sheik is frightened.

Patterson and writer Homer Brightman turn the silhouettes into a gag.

Patterson was a good director. There must be a story behind why his directing stint at Lantz was so short. I detect some Patterson animation in this cartoon. Herman Cohen, Ray Abrams and Ken Southworth receive animation credits.


  1. I liked the scene in "Socko in Morocco" at the end where Buzz was repulsed by the girl's "hag-like face" and lets Woody have her; and then for Woody to remove the face (which turns out to be a mask) and kiss the (in reality) beautiful girl with Buzz witnessing their silhouettes on the tent curtains, unaware of the deception.

  2. That last scene in "Socko In Morocco" was animated by Ray Abrams.