Tuesday 9 January 2018

Milkman of Tomorrow

“Heretofore, milking old bossy has taken much of the farmer's valuable time,” narrator Paul Frees tells us in Tex Avery’s Farm of Tomorrow. But soon we see the results of a cow cross-bred with a kangaroo.

The milkman has been given that quick stomping walk cycle that you see in other Avery cartoons of the mid-50s, such as Cellbound.

The coloured outlines of the characters in the stills are interesting but this cartoon may be the worst of Avery’s 1950s output.


  1. Have noticed that the layouts on this short were made by Ed Benedict?

    1. Possibly, other sources say Gene Hazelton. It's a mystery for the ages since neither of them are credited onscreen..

  2. Unlike many people, I love site gags. In fact, there some of the funniest cartoons ever made. I love the of Tomorrow Cartoons and Detouring America and Foney Fables and Saddle Silly (which I own on 16mm) and every other one.