Monday 29 January 2018

Doggone Dance

How can you tell the dog is a pointer in Tex Avery’s Doggone Tired? Easy. It points. With its nose.

And with its hand.

Then the dog launches into a deadpan tap dance. It’s not really a cycle; there are 11 drawings exposed either on ones or twos and the same sequence isn’t used for the few seconds it’s on the screen. The dog taps twice with each foot but in different spots on the ground. These are only a few of the drawings.

Bobe Cannon, Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons and Mike Lah are the credited animators. Rich Hogan and Jack Cosgriff got story credits.


  1. Tex basically reused that dance for another dog in his Oscar nominee Crazy Mixed-Up Pup ("You're a good kid"), and the effect is still hilarious dispite the UPA look (and the timing seems much snappier) ..

    1. Jonathan, it's just my wild guess, but the drawing in the Lantz cartoon is cruder than his MGM cartoons. I wonder if the Lantz layout artist stuck closer to Avery's art work.