Friday 5 January 2018

Good Morning Dear Teacher

“One new idea in the cartoon. I have seen all their other ideas six times before.” That’s how Avece T. Waldron of the Blue Mountain Theatre in Oklahoma City viewed the Flip the Frog cartoon School Days, released May 14, 1932.

What the new idea is, I don’t know, but maybe it’s when Flip, late for school, crawls under each of his classmates to reach his desk (as they sing “Good Morning, Dear Teacher”). Except the panties of the girl student behind him get stuck on his head after he crawls under her dress.

The underwear flap opens and Flip lets out with a “Hot-cha!”

And that isn’t even the most risque gag in the cartoon. Despite that, Gladys E. McArdle of the Owl Theatre in Lebanon, Kansas called the short “A clever cartoon that pleased all the kiddies and most of the elders.” Evidently, pantie jokes went over well in 1930s rural Kansas.